Affinity Partner Program

Financing that benefits your customers and earns revenue for you



Total Food Service has partnered with Strategic Funding and have developed a special program specifically for Wholesalers, Suppliers, and Purveyors in the Food & Beverage industry. This innovative “win, win, win” product provides:

  • Fast, flexible financing for your customers at a discounted rate
  • Bring your customers within your credit terms – you get paid!
  • Access to capital increases your customers purchasing power
  • Your profitability improves as your customers stay current
  • You earn referral fee income and co-investment opportunity



Strategic Funding has financed thousands of small businesses since 2006. To truly understand the challenges of running a food service operation – you had to live it, and many of us have owned, operated, and manged restaurants for years. We know from experience what they need.

If your customers are buying new equipment, remodeling, expanding, or want to start a real marketing program – we can provide the money you need to reach your goals.

Financing available from $10,000 to $2,000,000

Benefits of Our Affinity Partnership

Your small business clients trust and respect our company. You’ve worked hard to build a good reputation and to provide true value to your customers. You’d like the opportunity for these relationships to go even further with no cost to your business – now you can!

Partnering with strategic Funding will allow you to benefit your client, add value to your relationship, and increase retention all while providing your business with an attractive new revenue stream.

Become An Affinity Partner


How It Works

Strategic Funding is a direct lender, not a broker. We write the check. We don’t waste your valuable time, we provide fast approvals with flexible options. Your customers will receive clear terms with no hidden fees and because of their association with your company, they will receive a substantial discount on the cost of their financing. An extra value add, just for being your customer.



Marc Tolkin

Vice President of Affinity Markets

Food & Beverage Industry