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We’re kicking off May and National Small Business Week the right way. Here at Strategic Funding, we think it’s important to fund all small businesses, and that includes yours too. Seal your deals and receive extra commission points.

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Want to earn extra commission points? Here’s how it works…


1) Send us at least 15 NEW deals during the month of May.

2) Close at least 35% of those deals that get approved.


That means if 5 deals get approved, you just need to close 2 of them to earn extra commission!


Extra Point Payouts

Close 35% to earn 1 extra point

Close 40% to earn 1.5 extra points

Close 45% or more and earn 2 extra points

** This promotion is only valid for new deals sent to, and funded by, Strategic Funding, in the month of May. Deals that are syndicated more than 50% do not apply towards your closing percentage.