Use the 3 C’s to Grow Your Email List – Coupons, Content and Contests

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Here are some of the 3 C’s to grow your email list.

One of the fastest way to grow your email list is to offer potential customers something of value in exchange for signing up. The “right” offer will vary depending on your business.

  1. Coupons

A popular offer is an instantly-redeemable coupon, or IRC. For example, you might offer 15% off, a fixed-dollar-amount discount, or free shipping for customers who opt in for your list.

  1. Content

B2B companies can offer valuable content in exchange for signups. Downloadable case studies or whitepapers are common incentives to get people to join a list. Lastly, consider offering early access to subscribers. The promise of something of value later for example; Being first in line to buy tickets for an event, or getting an early notification about when your next round of products are available. This is a great way to capture people’s contact information now.

  1. Contests

These are another great way to grow your list fast. A sweepstakes or enter-to-win where email addresses are captured (in exchange for, say, the chance to win a $500 gift card for your business’ services) will help your list grow exponentially in no time. Just remember that retention is even harder than acquisition, so it’s important to have a communications strategy in place before you begin growing your list. How often will you contact your list members, and how will you ensure you’re providing something of value each time?

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