Simply Asking Customers to Review Your Business Can Boost Your Online Reputation

 In Sales and Marketing

Improve your online reputation and motivate customers to review your business!

Showing customers you value their reviews can help motivate them to write one. Brick and mortar businesses have a number of options for this in their physical space.

For instance;

  • Window stickers showing you’re on TripAdvisor or Yelp
  • Existing customer reviews posted around your store
  • Call-outs at the bottom of receipts
  • And of course, hostesses, cashiers or other staff members encouraging customers to leave a review if they’ve enjoyed their experience

Customers are most likely to leave a review while the experience is fresh in their mind.

Small businesses with or without a physical space could include a call-out in employees’ email signatures or on their website. Printed materials such as postcards or business cards can also include the logos of popular review sites reminding customers to check out reviews or add their own. Some review websites don’t want businesses to specifically ask customers for reviews, so check the user agreement of the sites you’re targeting. Even if you can’t solicit reviews, you can always encourage customers to check out your reviews, which indirectly encourages them to leave their own.

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