Score Points with Your Business Clients by Throwing Them a Party

 In Sales and Marketing

Here is why you can score some points by throwing your business clients a party.

This hack works for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Customers enjoy mingling with each other and appreciate your business going out of the way to spoil them. Not only will you get valuable face time with key clients, but you can also score points by making mutually-beneficial introductions among your clients.

Many small-business owners think only about the party itself. While those details — venue, food, entertainment, etc. — are admittedly important, the pre- and post-event communications are just as critical. Make sure you nail the pre-party communication by getting your invitation just right. Your guests should all feel like VIPs, so make sure the invitations fit the bill. Likewise, a post-party thank-you note (either electronic or physical) should be sent to every attendee, thanking him or her for attending. Make your mixers an annual event (or bi-annual, if you’re in retail), and after a couple of years it can gain a reputation as a can’t-miss event customers look forward to all year.

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