How to Run a Company With Hardly Any Human Capital

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Here are the 3 ways you can help run your company with minimal human capital

1. Provide customer service after hours

Customer service is very important at a small company. Every client may make the difference if your company can live to see another year. But it is challenging for small companies to offer customer service out of hours when the phones aren’t staffed 24/7. One trick to improve service is to have the business phone number forwarded to employee phone numbers out of hours. For example, sales calls can go to your Head of Sales’ phone. Of course, make sure you take turns who will be getting calls and equip people with the proper tools (such as a PDF file with how to answer calls) to set them up for success outside of the office. And overnight, it’s okay to connect your voicemail too!

2. Use chatbots to service clients

Another way to improve your customer service (and save your employees’ time) is to use chatbots to help service your clients. For example, if you are a retail business that offers free returns and your customer wants to return something, you can use an AI-powered bot like Nanorep to collect the information you need from your customers. Using chatbots can make your company not only look bigger with a full-service customer service operation; but it can also make your company look tech-savvy because you’re utilizing AI in a smart way to improve customer experience.

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3. Add additional business addresses

Some customers trust larger companies more than they do smaller ones. Adding a New York City or London address to your office contact details may help drive the perception your business is growing, or planning for future growth. There are numerous services that allow you to purchase a postbox in these cities. While you shouldn’t expect loads of fanmail, psychologically, it can be reassuring to customers to know you have a presence in major cities.

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