When Rebranding, Define Your Target

 In Sales and Marketing

Here is what you should consider when rebranding.

When you’re rebranding your business, take the time to get very detailed about who you’re targeting as an ideal customer. If you don’t, you could waste time, money and effort creating products, services and a brand that doesn’t resonate with anyone.

Before doing anything, ask yourself why you are rebranding? How do you want your current customers to respond? Do you want more business from your existing customers, or are you targeting a new group of customers entirely? In some cases, businesses rebrand when their analytics and marketing data reveal a subset of “surprise customers,” individuals who don’t fit the buyer personas of the original marketing campaigns and branding strategies.

Create a thorough, detailed, specific buyer persona for your new brand. This will help you make more efficient decisions around colors, language, and style of your revised brand.

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