Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals – Even With a Busy Schedule

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These are some ways you can improve your health and fitness goals with a busy schedule.

Making improvements to things you’re not tracking is difficult. Data is power, and one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your activity level can be by monitoring it. Invest in a Fitbit or other fitness tracker and wear it every day. Not only will you get instant feedback on your progress and your goals, but the social connection with friends can also help keep you accountable.

As a bonus, many fitness trackers also record your sleep. Sleep is a critical component of overall health — especially for overworked entrepreneurs. Getting enough sleep may help everything from an improved memory to heightened creativity. Taken together, tracking your movements and your sleep can give you a great snapshot of your day-to-day health.

Once you’ve established a baseline (about a week), look for ways to make incremental improvements until you reach your goals.

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