How to Best Handle Online Haters

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Online reviews will build trust 

About nine out of 10 consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, meaning a good review can make your cash register ring, but a bad review could have potential customers quickly moving to your competitors. You’ll never stop all the negative Nellys, but you can minimize the damage of a bad review or comment online by how you handle them.

First, monitor what’s said about you on social media, using tools like Google Alerts, and respond quickly, publicly and most of all, professionally. Remember you’re speaking not only to the complainer, but also to everyone reading the comment. Don’t blow a gasket or let your emotions get the better of you. Listen to the complaint, correct any factual errors and take corrective actions, if warranted.

And then thank the complainer. One study found only one in 26 customers complain directly to you, so the complainer might be alerting you to an issue already effecting other customers. By handling the complaint professionally and quickly, you may even turn the critic into an advocate of your business.

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