Have the USPS Clean Up Your Mailing List

 In Sales and Marketing

Before you send out your next direct mail pieces, make sure your mailing lists are 100% accurate. It’s awful to have to pay for postage, only to find out later that you had incorrect addresses or duplicates in your list. Going through a 1,000+ contact list can be tedious and time consuming. However, there are ways to make this process easier.

The USPS actually offers and suggests various verified tools to clean up your list before it gets mailed out. You can submit a printout to the postal service and they will make note of any required changes. While there is a fee associated with this service, the money you save clearing out incorrect addresses in advance can cover that cost and then some. There are also other USPS verified sources that you can use to check and maintain your mailing lists, such as NCOALink. This licensed vendor will run your mailing list through their software and will update the addresses of people who filed a change of address through USPS.


Consistently utilize these services and you’ll never waste money on an undeliverable mail piece again.

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