4 Ways Your Website Can Tank Your Cyber Monday Success

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Along with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday is part of the new holiday sales trifecta many small business owners look forward to all year long. Your Cyber Monday sales success hinges on how ready your business website is. If you haven’t updated your site recently, take a look to see if it’s suffering from any of these potentially sales-killing flaws.

1. It’s not optimized to convert

Having a website does little good if it’s not designed to convert window shoppers into customers. Closing the deal on a sale can be an uphill battle if:

  • Your design is clunky. If your site is hard to navigate or the pages are cluttered, your pages may push customers away instead of drawing them in.
  • The headline is boring. A succinct, clearly worded headline, showing your business’s value proposition is a must if you want to grab shoppers’ attention.
  • The wording is stiff or overly formal. Aim for an inviting, conversational tone instead of sounding like a robot.
  • Online forms are a hassle. If your email sign-up or check-out forms are overly complicated, they can frustrate potential customers.
  • The site’s short on information. Your site should address the most common questions your customers have, rather than leaving them in the dark.
  • It’s not mobile-friendly. The site’s formatting and design shouldn’t lose any functionality for customers who shop via mobile devices.
  • There’s no defined call to action. Give your customers a reason why they should buy something from you versus a competitor.

Addressing these kinds of issues is important for converting sales on Cyber Monday, or any day of the year for that matter. If you’re not an expert in web design, it may be worth it to invest in bringing in a pro to do some clean up work.

2. You buried your message

To build a loyal customer base, you need to have a clearly defined brand.  If someone clicks on your site, they should immediately be able to recognize:

  • What your business is about and why they should be shopping with you. For example, has your business been around for 50 years? Do you offer a money back guarantee or other benefits the competition doesn’t? In other words, what makes your business special?
  • What you’re promoting for Cyber Monday. The whole point of planning a Cyber Monday promotion is to attract shoppers who are eager for deals. Burying your sale on an internal page instead of showcasing it on the home page is a major missed opportunity.

Bottom line, if it’s not clear what your sale is, it’s going to be tough getting shoppers to stick around.

3. The site’s not shareable

Social media is a powerful marketing tool but if you’re committing any of these faux pas, you may not be getting much traction:

  • There are no social media sharing buttons. If you have accounts on any social media sites, you want your shoppers to know about them. Install a social media plugin and link your accounts to encourage sharing.
  • Your images aren’t eye-catching. Free stock images may not cost you anything to have on your site, but they can cost you sales if your site feels generic.
  • Your page titles and descriptions lack pizzazz. If you want people to share your links, you have to make sure what you have to say is interesting. When crafting sales pages for Cyber Monday, be sure to include a compelling title, description and reason for them to share.

Investing some money in better-quality images and incentivizing visitors to share can add to your site’s appeal and make customers more eager to spread the word.

4. Grammar and spelling errors abound

Part of your business’s credibility stems from observing the basic rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation. If your site is littered with misspelled words or grammatical errors, customers may think your attention to detail could be low elsewhere in your business too. Therefore, you should take some time to proof your site carefully to weed out any embarrassing gaffes before the holiday season gets underway.

Your small business’s website can make or break the success of your Cyber Monday promotion. As you’re prepping for the big day, be sure to be on the lookout for these snafus that could cause your Cyber Monday sale to be a flop.



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