3 Key Facebook Features Small Businesses Should be Leveraging

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While younger business owners may be focused on newer social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is taking steps to ensure businesses are well-equipped on its platform. From ads, to groups, to Messenger, Facebook has introduced a number of tools to enable companies to do more business on their platform.

Facebook ads

While pay-per-click (PPC) ads are nothing new, the level of specificity you can achieve with Facebook makes it worth exploring. In fact, Facebook offers a long list of objectives you can achieve by advertising there.

By leveraging the personal information Facebook has collected about its users, your company can advertise through Facebook to potential customers based on age, geographic location, gender, and stated interests.

You can also create “look-alike audiences,” which are groups of people on Facebook who are very similar to your current customers. Advertising to look-alike audiences is likely to be highly effective since those sets of people have characteristics that match people who are already doing business with you. Facebook’s ad program offers sophisticated targeting and is relatively inexpensive.

Two easy ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page or your website is through “boosting” or “promoting” a particular post. Both options allow you to specify what types of people you want to see your post in their news feed and you can set a budget for how much you want to spend to reach your target audience. Boosting is easy, by clicking on a button at the bottom of your post; but promoting gives you more options in terms of targeting and paying for your ads.

Facebook groups

Another tool gaining popularity is the ability to create a private Facebook group. Creating a group dedicated to a topic of interest enables you to identify prospects and market directly to your customers. For free!

The types of information shared in groups are also broader:

  • Members can post content and ask questions that can be of interest in the discussion feed.

  • Members can upload files to share via the attachment icon.

  • Events make it easy to invite group members to schedule get-togethers.

  • Polling offers a way to quickly get a read on how the group feels about certain topics. Examples include: feedback on an upcoming advertising campaign or the best platform for finding new IT hires, etc.

Since your business controls what happens in the group, it is a no-cost tool for your company to identify, attract, and constantly market to current and prospective customers.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is much more than a me-too direct messaging system that enables direct conversations through Facebook. Using Messenger Links and Messenger Codes, businesses can encourage prospects and customers to contact a company quickly, conveniently, and privately. Customers can make contact via Facebook by copying and sharing Messenger Links from a company’s Facebook page. Messenger Codes are shareable and scannable, also providing a way for prospects and customers to reach out quickly and easily.

Providing a way for prospects to have a conversation with a company online increases the odds that they will reach out, and buy.

Messenger codes and links also encourage using Facebook for customer service issues, helping to preserve customer relationships and reduce dissatisfaction.

It’s obvious that Facebook has been investing in its infrastructure, adding tools and features to attract a business audience. It’s working. Savvy companies are leveraging these 3 key features to connect, communicate and better serve their customers and prospects.

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